The Family Meal: What Brings Us Together?

Ecuador -- Together with his father, siblings and cousins, this young Columbian refugee gets a taste of home from his aunt's cooking.

Part of what makes eating together so pleasurable, in any language or culture, is the conversation. But when London-based photographer Chris Terry was in Niger photographing an ordinary family enjoying a spaghetti dinner, he was surprised that no one spoke. “It’s a great privilege to have food to eat,” explained the grandmother, the head of […]

Comfort Food v. Surprise!


  What’s your favourite comfort food? Tweet your answers, and photos if you have them, @DianeFresquez for the upcoming event, “Surprisingly Comforting,” February 11, 2015, at Nottingham Trent University. Read more here.  

Bee Wine Launched in Brussels with the Help of Science

It tastes like wine, but is it?

Xavier Rennotte, a Belgian beekeeper, was obsessed with recreating the flavor of his first boyhood taste of mead, known as hydromel (“honey water”) in French. And so he used science to track down this fleeting, Proustian taste from his childhood in the Belgian countryside. Read more in Zester Daily, an award-winning online destination for food, wine […]

A Spoonful of Curiosity


It’s all about the salsa! A foodie-friendly Book Review in the November 2014 issue of Nature Chemistry. Click to read.

“A Gentle and Charming Introduction to the World of Food Science.”

Read the book review, “An enchanting personal tale on the relationship between food and memories, with some interesting and accessible science on the side” by Rebecca Ingle, on Shot of Science, the new on-line magazine of the popular, international science festival, Pint of Science.

Beer & Science Taste Best in the Morning


Watch “From Beer Came the pH Scale” filmed by Videnskab in the Media Tent of Science in the City, ESOF 2014, June 23, 2014.

“From Beer Came the pH Scale” June 23, Copenhagen


The pH scale is used all over the globe in education, research and industry—and it was developed by Soren Sorensen at the Carlsberg lab in 1909! Let’s celebrate the remarkable story of the pH scale during a lively, hands-on Q&A with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wendland, of the Carlsberg Laboratory: Monday, June 23, 10am, Science in […]

5 Tickets to Win to ESOF 2014

Vinegar, pH 2-3, taken by a science journalist in his kitchen in Hamburg

Send us your SelpHies for a chance to win 5 tickets to Europe’s largest, general science conference, the Euro Science Open Forum, June 21-26, Copenhagen. It’s easy: Take the pH of anything you like, snap the pHoto and tweet to @sel_pHies. Use your imagination! Winners announced June 15 on Twitter and FaceBook. SUGGESTIONS Interesting substances: […]

7 Ways Beer Has Contributed to Science

Beer SelpHie from the pH Bar, London

Our SelpHies campaign, to celebrate 100+ years of the pH scale (developed at the Carlsberg brewery laboratory, in 1909), is mentioned in Shot of Science, a new on-line magazine from the popular, international science festival, Pint of Science. Read the article here.

To Thine Own SelpHie, Be True

Mention the pH scale, and most people will probably know what you’re talking about. But where it was developed  is a bit of science history trivia that might come as a bit of a surprise. The answer: the pH scale was developed in 1909 at the Carlsberg brewery laboratory; a fascinating fact I came across […]


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